PURA VIDA tattoo

PURA VIDA tattoo

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"nobody's possession in everybody's hands" one of the most poetical and philosophical lines in AYLA's song PURA VIDA. Wear the lyrics on your skin!



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    how to apply your temporary ANTI TIME tatoo: 

    1. take of the foil (which can be recycled and is bio degenerable) 

    2. place the tatoo on your skin where you want to apply it - the printed side faces your skin

    3. take a wet towel, and hold it against your tatoo 

    4. make sure the entire surface is wet

    5. wait 2-3 minutes

    6. take off the paper part




    shipping costs 

    Germany: 0,80

    International: 1,10 Euro


    Germany: 1- 6 days

    International: 2 - 16 days

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