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AYLA started writing songs when she was only seven years old. Back then about topics like playing hide and seek, now she writes about climate change and finding peace in a world that keeps running out of time.

Her creativity reveals itself throughout her life. At the age of 9  AYLA wrote her first musical and at the age of 10 she wrote scripts for her own movies, she shot with friends. At the moment she works on her first album, she is happy to share towards the end of 2020.

As a child she liked to draw surrealistic, colorful flowers, today AYLA is into making calligrams out of her lyrics which you can wear as tattoos. 

Since being a child she has a very philosophical view on the world, which she expresses with her thoughtful lyrics as in PURA VIDA's "nobody's possessions in everybody's hands".

As she is a very open-minded person, AYLA likes to try new things. She is in the finals of two competitions: 

1. the "Eine Welt Song Contest" from the German Ministry Engagement Global -where AYLA will appear with her Song "HANDS UP" on their Album in April.

2. her song "PURA VIDA" based on the Costa Rican way of life, AYLA is the finalist of the competition by the national german television show ZDF, called DEIN SONG KIKA.  

Beginning to perform her new music at local venues soon newspapers and television shows such as RTL RON TV spotted her and conducted interviews. 

Until today she has performed on stages in Lincoln Center Manhattan (New York City), Munich, Ibiza, Stuttgart, Gent, Frankfurt and Heidelberg.  There are more concerts yet to come.  ​

For AYLA, music is a tool to connect people and communicate.  Feel free to take part at the #antitime challenge on Tik Tok and engage with her new single. You can also win a fantastic prize by participating at the Dein Song Fan Challenge by submitting a fan video of you (dancing to pura vida for example)  here.  




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Unsere Patin des Monats im April ist Ayla. Die 17-jährige Abiturientin aus Heidelberg engagiert sich schon seit ihrer Kindheit auf ganz vielfältige Weise, um die Welt ein Stückchen besser zu machen - nicht zuletzt mit einer Patenschaft für Chale aus Äthiopien. 🌍✨
„Ich möchte, dass jedes Kind ein schönes Leben hat. Man bewegt schon Großes durch Kleinigkeiten – und deswegen ist mir meine Plan-Patenschaft so wichtig! Nach dem Abitur möchte ich mein Patenkind auch besuchen“, erzählt Ayla.
Ihr Engagement verbindet sie auch mit der Musik🎶 : Als Singer-Songwriterin lässt sie Themen wie Kinderarbeit und weltweite Ungerechtigkeit in ihre Texte miteinfließen. Damit war sie sogar schon bei @eineweltsong und @kikafuerdich. Wir sind ganz begeistert von Aylas Enthusiasmus – viel Erfolg dir weiterhin!💙



Recently the contract with the german national television has ended - which means all the videos of this years season were taken off Youtube. Ayla wants to say thank you to all the supporters for reaching 200k views on her music video.

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MYSONGWINS: "Congrats to AYLA for being the pop song tournament winner!  Her song ‘Anti Time’ not only won, but was our voting leader in our final round!  great job! her winning song is out now on all platforms!"


FRIDAY 18th of September 8:45 pm (Berlin Time) ANTI TIME and an interview with AYLA will be streamed on RADIO Regenbogen. For internationals: Ayla will do a livestream at the same time on Instagram so you can follow the event as well :)

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The album of Dein Song 2020 is out now and you can listen to AYLA's song PURA VIDA . The album keeps its ranking on 1st place of the german music compilation charts. PURA VIDA is a real SUMMER HIT!

You can also purchase a fanbox with a poster and magnets of the contestants and the scores to learn PURA VIDA by heart on the instrument you play. ENJOY! 

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AYLA's song HANDS UP made it into the top of Germany's contestants - in her song HANDS UP she invites the listener to be active and change your behavior towards the planet.


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